“Siouxland Speaks”

Yup, “Siouxland Speaks” is the new title of my web site.  I chose this because I now live in Sioux City, so I’ll have a lot to whine and complain about Siouxland.

I don’t feel guilty about speaking for Siouxland because I’ve lived in N.W. Iowa most of my life.   Also one of the weathermen here has taken to calling himself “Siouxland’s meteorologist” so it’s open season.  My brother called the station, asked for the manager, and asked how this guy became Siouxland’s meteorologist – like was there an election or something or how did that happens.

The station manager laughed like crazy and said he just woke up one day to hear the weather guy proclaim himself as that and nobody seemed to care, so…….

My sister and her family have lived here for over 40 years, so through the years, I’ve visited Sioux City many times.  We used to refer to it as Sewer City because of the stockyards, but the cows are gone and it smells much better.

In fact a lot of changes have taken place, and almost all for the good.  We now have a “for real” mall and the Lakeport Commons, which is like a mall except the stores aren’t connected.

The thing I like best is all the places to eat.  Of course there are all the chain places, but there some nice locally owned restaurants.  There are also at least four really good local pizza places.

And Wal-Mart and Hy-Vee are open 24/7, so I do some of my best shopping at 2:00 am.  The Hard Rock Café stays open pretty late, too, but I’m not much for gambling.  It’s not some morals thing, I just stupid enough money away without that.

They did a prostitution sting at the Hard Rock not too long ago, but they only arrested the customers which were all men.  They also put their picture in the paper.  I was one of many people who were pretty pissed about that, although I’d like to make it very clear, I was not involved.

I think the whole thing smells of entrapment, and they don’t put pictures of thieves or muggers or drug dealers in the paper when they get caught.

I also hate the “spy cams” that have been installed at several intersections to make sure nobody runs a red light.  I have been nabbed twice by these “Big Brother” machines.   The second time I appealed, and low and behold, guess who you appeal to – the guy who sits in the room all day watching the video and sending out notations.

You can appeal further, but they make that sound pretty scary, with court time and lawyers, etc. The truth is that I probably could have won both appeals because of all the flaws in the system.

The real problem is that the city is making money off these, so their theory is: if three cameras are good, think of what 133 could do.  Some company provides them, and the city gets a cut.  I’m sure the company isn’t in Sioux City, and the company gets the most money, but if a city can’t screw its own citizens and people who come here to shop – what kind of government is it.

All in all, I like living here, but if a couple of the pizza places close, and the city adds about ten more “spy cams”, I may have to rethink.  In the meantime, welcome to Siouxland Speaks.