Siouxland Speaks – the Presidential Election

I’ve been putting this off, but it’s time for me to write about the Presidential election.  Not to change anybody’s mind, but for my own therapy.

Now I know my blog is called Siouxland Speaks, but there’s no way I can pretend to speak for Siouxland, other than to say it’s probably pretty closely split.

Also, Siouxland is like most of the nation in that, I think this is an election where most people are voting against one candidate more than for one.  I’m sure each candidate has his or her hardcore supporters, but I’d guess that number to be fairly low in both cases.

I have to confess that I am a Democrat, mostly because I don’t want to belong to any organized political party.  I have even been called a liberal, which has become kind of a slur, but I remind you that I have a gun and a carry permit, and I hate it when big government interferes with your daily life like when they tell you who you can’t fall in love with, or what religion is not ok, or they decide what choices should be made by a woman.

I did vote for one Republican Presidential candidate – Richard Nixon for his second term.  How’d that work out for me?

I am going to try for a little balance and make fun of both candidates but I can’t promise anything.

Hillary has been pissing people off for 35 years.  Donald has only been pissing people off for about 15 years, so he does have that advantage.

The biggest problem that I can’t get around with Donald is that I’m not sure he has any idea how government works.

When you’re chief executive like he is with his company, he really doesn’t have to run much by anyone.  He speaks – stuff happens.  He should ask Obama how that works with being the President.  I just don’t think being a good business man translates to being President of the United States.

Anyone old enough to remember that show that was on for kids, that made up little jingles to explain things.  I remember “conjunction junction, what’s your function.  There was another one called “How a bill becomes a law” and many others.  Maybe the show was called “Schoolhouse Rocks” or something like that.

At any rate I think they should have Donald watch all the political things they did like, “how does a bill become a law”, “what can the President do”, what does Congress do”, ect.  In fact, there are a lot of Americans who should watch that because they seem to think a President has a lot more power than they have

Congress is where the real problem is.  They poll around 10% favorable, yet we continue to elect the incumbents time after time, probably because we recognize their name.  Steve King has done nothing as a congressman for years, but we’ll reelect him here in Siouxland, probably by a big margin.  Same for Senator Chuck Grassley.  He’ll win easily.  Then we’ll bitch and moan about Congress some more.

Here are the serious questions I would ask any undecided.  How’s your life now?  Of course, we’d all like a little more disposable income and we’d like lower taxes and more and better governmental services.  We’d like cheaper medical care and improved schools and better infrastructure, and a lot few unsolicited phone calls, BUT………

Really, how is your life now?   Is it so bad?

I think if Hillary wins, it will be a lot of the SOS.  (same old shit), but is that so bad?  My life’s pretty good and like everyone it could be better, but things are ok generally.

I think Hillary will fix Obama care, and remember you can’t just drop it without replacing it without having a program that’s all set to go.  If you throw it out on Monday, what happens on Tuesday?  I think you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  It helped a lot of people the first year; it can be fixed.

As a footnote: A President does not have the power to simply throw out a law.  I’m not sure Donald knows that.

Then there’s that damn wall.  I’m not willing to spend that much money on something that can be defeated with a ladder, a raft, or a hang glider.  Please do yourself a favor and Google, “Maginot Line” and read about that.  If was France’s wall to keep out the German army prior to WWII.  Guess how that turned out?

As for the economy, Donald wants to give big companies a break so, benevolent executives that they have will spread the wealth amongst the employees and reduce the price for the rest of us peasants.

Does anybody really believe that?  That’s why EpePens went from $100 to $600 overnight – because the big drug companies are so caring and sympathetic.

Donald’s theory is called “trickle down economics” and was used by Ronald Reagan and Bush the second.  The biggest deficit in U.S. history was during the period of their Presidencies.

Bush the first, when running against Reagan, called it “Voodo Economics” and I can’t think of a better name for it.

Warren Buffett admitted that his secretary paid more taxes than he did, but he is in favor of taxing the top 1% more.  Donald thinks it’s “smart” that he didn’t pay any taxes, but I don’t think he filled out his own forms.  How much did he pay his high priced legal team, so he would have to pay any?

Of course, Hillary’s emails are a big thing.  I really don’t think she compromised national security although the comments from the FBI hurt her, and by the by, since when does everyone have so much faith in the FBI especially after 9-11?

The thing that bothered me about the emails was that instead of just saying, “I screwed up, but nothing happened and I learned from it,” she went into politician mode, and tried to hide everything in a cloud until her and her team could put a good spin on it.  But they never did come up with a good spin.

That politician thing makes people not trust Hillary, and I can see that, but how in the world could anyone trust Trump?  His insults to so many groups of people make me think he is a morally corrupt person who just loves to “wing it”.  I really don’t want to see a big TRUMP sign on the front of the White House.

As for the debates, I think if we’d take the big stick out of Hillary’s butt, and put it in Donald’s mouth, if would have improved the quality of all the debates.  I have no real idea who won, but I know who lost.

As always, I encourage you to vote.  It nothing else, I plead with all Siouxlanders to vote against Steve King.  That would be a small step toward solving some problems.