How Hillary Elected Donald

Now that we’ve had a little time since the Presidential election was finished, we need some keen-eyed political analyst to put things in perspective, but since there is no such person who matches that description, I think I’ll take a shot at it.

First of all, in the matter of full discloser, I have been a Democrat since 1964 when I cast my first Presidential ballot for Lyndon Johnson, and believe me, I’m not bragging about it.

During this long time period, I have seen the Democrats do one stupid thing after another, and I’d join the other major political party in a second if their ideology have an iota of logic or compassion, but alas………….

I’m not going to rehash past mistakes because that would make a book, and this year’s political blunder may well be the worst ever.

This year the Democrats elected a president, and this is not going to be one of those whiny pieces about the Electoral College.  The Democrats did elect a President; the only problem was it was Donald Trump.

How did the Donkeys do that?

Simple, we selected the most hated Democrat in the history of time as our candidate for President, thus insuring every Republican in the country was going to come out to vote and insure that a great many of our party would just stay home.

I do think Hillary might have been a good President, but she is simply unelectable because she is so hated and untrusted that what good do any of her good qualities do it she can’t get elected?

There was plenty of evidence of her unelectability, but we chose to ignore it.   In 2008 she was highly favored, but managed to lose the primary to a first term senator, whose name nobody could remember.  In fact, his name sounded a little too like Osama and his middle name is Hussein, and he was Black.  Obama won the Iowa caucus and then it was like it was all overly.

This year Hillary is so far out as front runner, that it looked as if there would be no challengers.  The a socialist senator, who nobody has heard of, from a dinky little state that few can remember, decides to run in the primaries just for the hell of it = AND HE ALMOST WON.

Shouldn’t we have learned from these experiences?  Nope.  Maybe we were caught up with electing a woman, although I think it’s insulting to women to think that a woman can’t be elected President – Just not this woman.

And if you think women will rally around a woman candidate you are woefully naïve.  Women are more critical of other women that they almost make men seem compassionate.

How did this happen then?  I think through a confluence of events – the perfect storm.  Somehow, somewhere, some people of power decided it was Hillary’s turn.  I’ve heard that said many times and it pisses me off every time.  You do not take turns running for President.  You take turns when playing checkers.

You also have to admit that when that clown car pulled up on TV and dumped out those 16 Republican candidates, it did look like almost any Democrat would be elected – just not this candidate.

Then when Trump became the Republican candidate, it looked like a race that would be impossible for us to lose, but as Democrats, we were able to grab defeat from the jaws of victory. Thus electing an impossible candidate to President.

And to my Republican brethren, who think Trump might be the right guy for the job, try to remember what you thought of Trump 4 years ago.  An egomaniac, with a billion dollars, from NY City, who had been in many bankruptcies, that you had to wonder if he was playing on someone else’s money, and a complete loudmouth braggart.  Also, a guy who dumped his wife for an Eastern Bloc bride that we thought he may have gotten on the internet, plus he was starring on a stupid reality show.  This is the kind of guy we in the Midwest hate, yet we Democrats managed to find someone you hate more.

It’s been reported that in Florida, enough people wrote in names like Mickey Mouse, etc. that if they’d all voted for Hillary instead, she’d have carried Florida.

Turns out Hillary couldn’t even beat Mickey Mouse.

Who would I have chosen you ask.  Joe Biden.  I know there was concern that he couldn’t distance himself from Obama and Obama was unpopular, but I think if would have been easy.  All he had to do was say, “hey, we screwed up with Obama care, but we can fix it,” and people would have been fine with that.  Plus, Joe is a nice guy, and people like him.  Also, he’s white, and those who say that racism didn’t have anything to do with Obama’s unpopularity are Democrat dumb.

Another candidate I like is Al Gore.  I know he’s kind of the forgotten man,   but I defy anyone to watch his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” and not be impressed with him.  He lost to Bush 2, or maybe he didn’t, but his handlers were horrible.  I could have managed his campaign better, and my political experience consists of running for student body president in college.  (And yes I won; my vice-president was gorgeous.)

The point is that I didn’t even hear any discussion about anybody else.  How can you not consider a sitting Vice-President as a candidate?

And so the Democrats elected a president.  The only positive for them is that Trump is probably just as close in ideology to the Democrats as he is to the Republicans.  I don’t think he cared which party he ran for; he just wanted to stir the pot.  I’d almost bet he never thought there was a change in the world that he would actually win.  Neither did the rest of us, but we should have known.

We should have known.