Sam greets me
at the kitchen door
bouncing up and down
like a dog who got into
the coffee can.

He bounds outside
and over his shoulder
says with his eyes
“How was your date?”
answer, “Really good.”

 He glances up from duty
and asks with a look
“Are you seeing her again.”
And I answer
“Yes, I think I am.”

“Does she think that too”
he queries with a tail wag.
“Yes, she does,” I answer.
“She said she would.” 

He bounds to the door
and bounces back into the house
and stretches to ask,
“Do you like her?”
“I really do,”  I say.

 He sits and stares
for a moment to ask
“Does she like you.?”
“I think she does,”  I answer

 I sit in my chair
and he jumps on my lap
and curls peacefully
to say,  “Good Boy.”