“Jesus Got a Puppy Today”

Jesus got a puppy today
my little dog Sam passed away
a companion to the end
and maybe my best friend
but Jesus got a puppy today

I feel kinda bad
for being this sad
when so many friends
suffer in despair

but I can’t help what I feel
cuz the pain is just too real
but Jesus got a puppy today

I got him from a place
they take dogs to die
dirty cement floors
and cages six feet high.

He was quiet and shy
but mean in a way
that dogs tend to be
when mean is all they’ve seen

days to months
months to years
and love was all he needed
for his real self to appear.

A loving little guy
whose spirits would greatly soar
whenever he got a chance
to great someone at the door

I’ll miss that tail a waggin’
and his goofy little smile
the way he’d lie real near me
wherever I would be
companion, friend, confidant
with unconditioned love.

So I’m gonna feel sad
cuz Sammy’s gone away
but Jesus got a puppy today