“Dreamer of Dreams”

Dreamer of dreams
prophet of fools,
following life
and all of its rules.

They laid down
the dancing feet
for him to follow
and he did,

from his cradle to his grave.
Disco, polka, line dancing,
he could do it all
(following the feet)

And paint……damn.
Match those colors
with the numbers
and in no time
the Savior’s hanging
on the wall.
(by the numbers)

Latch hooked those patterns
filled out the forms
stood in the lines
followed the crowd
though slightly behind.

And now that he’s dead,
they’ve buried him
in a square wooden box
in one of the rows
by one of the roads
in one of those towns
that fall in a line.

Yes, the dreamer of dreams,
prophet of fools
has left this life
by one of its rules.