Bitter cold temperatures are sweeping across the Midwest tonight and tomorrow with lows of 10 to 20 below zero common………..

 We hauled in the brass monkey statues last night,
their teeth chattering loudly,
while snow fell from the cold, gray sky in chunks
the size of pancakes,
making splotting sounds when they hit the frozen
Iowa tundra.

 Cars sit, tires frozen to the ground, useless.
Who cares?  Who’s leaving?


Huge masked Alaskan Malamute whimpers against the back door
begging to join the cat on the furnace grate.

North winds scream through the spider fingered trees
and smack headlong into the houses,
leaking cold, icy gusts across the couches and lazyboys,
while we scramble for more and thicker comforters.

Silent prayers abound for the cable lines and electrical wires.
We could eat the cat, but we must have TV and heat.

Governor Terry Branstad announced today that Iowa rated in the top ten
most desirable places to live in the United States according to a study……