“The Beautiful Dream” (poem)

She walked quietly
into the dimly lit area of library
and walked to him purposefully.

He looked up from the book
on the low table in front of him,
surprised to see her there.

She carefully moved the book and notebook,
and sat on the table in front of him,
their knees touching,

She looked at him softly
with a small hint of her smile.
Her eyes, like no other color
locked onto his eyes
and beyond,

He felt the emotion rush through him.
He couldn’t let himself think
this would ever happen,

but it was.
He struggled for words,
but none came.

She tilted her head slightly
moved toward him slowly,
and he moved to her.

He felt her lips on his,
the closeness of her enveloped him
in a rush of passion
from one small kiss.