“Love and Night” (poem)

If it were never night
would I still feel this way
feeling feelings
that seldom see
the light of day. 

all I don’t want to remember

 loving loves
I should forget:
thought I had.

alone with the clock ticking
and the dog licking his paws
with no care other than that itch.

 I’m tired
but not sleepy
and I’ll lie in bed
and remember
and feel
and love

that sounds depressing
but it’s not;
neither am I.

 I love the night.
Snoopy night,
dark and stormy.

When the rain smacks
the windows
the wind sets
the branches dancing.
The flash of lightning;
the claps of thunder
like God’s Fourth of July.

 Then the calm

The lightning bugs
set the yard into twinkles.
The coolness drifts through
the open windows,
smells fresh and thinner
that the humid air of day.

 Who can’t love the moon
though it’s such a shadow of the sun.
Moonlight across a lake is Nature’s Valium,
 it’s changing shapes
change something deep in us all.

 I love the moment when night becomes dawn.
Calm, soothing, spiritual, peaceful.
A time to be alone.