“Jaylie Jane” (poem)

Jaylie is my oldest granddaughter.   Her mother’s name is Jennifer Jane, thus they are JJ although we seldom call either of them that.


JJ 2
Deja vu

Skinny little blond girl,
playing in the yard.

Differences abound this time around
Papa not dad; not the same
“Why” is replaced by “why not”

Praise more fun
than the constant
Pick, pick pick
It takes to raise a child

Times have changed
More to explain
more to get through
Day to day.

Need thicker skin in the world of today
But she has it,
through some sort of evolution
Schools more demanding
But she’s up to the challenge
And then some

Only child versus oldest child
Harder to be the later.

It’s like basketball in Iowa
6 on 6 with its simplicity
Slow and leisurely
Compared to the hell-fire
And brimstone of 5 on 5.
But it’s all what your used to.

So much the same.
Mini me look a-likes
Same smile, same sarcasm,
same sometimes drama
But confident, intelligent

But mostly this:
It takes my breath away
To see my little girl
grow up
All over again