“Me and Sam”

Me and my little dog, Sam, slip, slide on the winter walks; two mutts living day to day on scraps and occasional treats.   He’s neutered; I’m old enough I might as well be. We’ve both been abused but don’t talk about it much because what’s been is done.   He doesn’t trust easy but […]

“So, So Sad”

I’d rather be mad cause it’s easier to be mad than sad.   You can do things with mad. punch a wall, kick the dog not rational things, but still you can do things.   But sad’s like being caught in the rain where you can’t do a thing but get wet   Unless you’re […]


Arise sweet spring to kill the desolation of winter’s doom, with your flower’s bloom and sweet fresh rain.   Fill the clouded skies with blue; paint the brown earth green, return the birds and let them sing of victory’s song to life again.   I’m so long dead, and so need new; please lift the […]

“Poem Gift”

  I built this out of old sticks and leaves and things that I found under the big maple tree in the back yard.   It has some ragged edges and I forgot to make it rhyme, but it’s mine and I made it just for you.

“Poem Wrapping”

Take a thought and wrap your feelings gently around it. Tie it with a ribbon of words carefully chosen or words that have carefully chosen you.   You could perhaps, draw and image or two on the outside but you needn’t make it rhyme.

“Is That You, Spring”

could that be you whose image forms on the window as the rain spatters huge drops of spring   is your voice in the wind that pushes the bushes to  brush against the window with soft whispers   the scent, the sound sensory allusions creating yearnings unfelt feelings   thunder, lighting booming, crackling passing quickly […]

“Patios and Poems”

I built them both from scratch,   with junk and stuff found in the attic and garage.   Old wood and words and concrete conjunctions   and verbs and stone that just don’t rhyme.   I sweated hot days, planned through cooler nights, sighed with relief, but felt fulfilled when both were done.   I’ll […]

“Only Twelve”

My grandmother died today. We all sit around the room like patients in a doctor’s office.   Not a one will speak of our disease to any other although this may be our most common bond.   I see my sister through tear-streaked eyes; so young and fragile scared and wanting to cry, but waiting […]

Ol’ Number 7

Micky Mantle took a called third strike, drank decades away into a transplant while Butkus simply hobbles in and out of the transparent consciousness  of the tube.   The hearts of the old Celtic men failed them; Bird, McCale and the Chief. The Magic man waits his time, and O.J. what to say about O.J. […]


Sam greets me at the kitchen door bouncing up and down like a dog who got into the coffee can. He bounds outside and over his shoulder says with his eyes “How was your date?” answer, “Really good.”  He glances up from duty and asks with a look “Are you seeing her again.” And I […]