Flittering Fluttering fast, floating minds. Hyperactive, amphetamined waterbugs set loose on an electrified, acid water pond. Zipped Zapped wound bound like ultrasound let loose and watch them fly. Shuffle, slide like powerglide; walk slow, but get there fast. Amble, scramble, but in your way, the walks the thing you’re measured by. sit a bit and […]

“Internet Dating”

How can there be so much anxiety in this much anonymity You don’t know me or until just now – of me, nor do I know you except for a picture, a small brief glimpse of a face and not a glimmer of your soul So little chance we’ll even meet or speak to say […]

“Wonderful Life”

  (It’s a wonderful life) babies making babies raising babies being babies yet themselves (Good Times with Good Friends) drugged out freak shoots two in diner (You can Be Anything You Want to Be) women beaten, robbed, raped, ridiculed. (You’ve come a long way Baby)  gangs, red and blue white and black yellow and brown […]

  Bitter cold temperatures are sweeping across the Midwest tonight and tomorrow with lows of 10 to 20 below zero common………..  We hauled in the brass monkey statues last night, their teeth chattering loudly, while snow fell from the cold, gray sky in chunks the size of pancakes, making splotting sounds when they hit the […]

“Walk Away”

May all your memorable moments be many and grand but may you remember that one special time when we broke all the bonds, the shackles and chains and spat in the face of society’s aims and that feeling of freedom as we lived for ourselves, not for others in their life in a shell. If […]

“Visions 4”

It’s all the same day after day. same people, same places same phrases same hazes. Déjà vu with adjustments, fine tuned for momentary lapses leaping into a lucid reality but always back to gray vague. Yet so comforting the sameness of it all. Like lunch with family or and old dog, we wallow in routine […]

“Visions 3”

“Visions 3” In intricate patterns the smoke drifts lazily without direction. A single moving thing in the stillness of the room surrounded, yet alone. Encompassing all around it in its thin veil transparent, transient No life of its own dependent on its source – pathetic parasite Suddenly it’s gone to an unknown where as do […]

“To the Living”

The trees flap wildly in the wind, flailing arms and legs of limbs. Leaves form frightened faces, howling madly to be stilled. Grasp the tree limbs in your hands, clasp the leaves close to your chest, suppress the noise by act of faith, but you’ll never stop the wind. They told us second hour on […]


Time scrambles on scratching and clawing to get some grip, to vault ahead But not for you. You have more than forever and do doubt can’t understand why I hurry so. I’d wait, I’d wait until whenever, but I haven’t the time for all the choices are yours and the time – yours. But I […]

“Through Your Eyes”

Through clouded night I see the tree hazy, but surely, it’s not as before. Its twisted rolling bark and thinning leaves are new to me. The multi-hued lovely leaves seem dimmer and colorless in this light. What one was tall is small and shrunken. How so suddenly the image erodes the luster leaves.  yet, I’ll […]