Sam greets me at the kitchen door bouncing up and down like a dog who got into the coffee can. He bounds outside and over his shoulder says with his eyes “How was your date?” answer, “Really good.”  He glances up from duty and asks with a look “Are you seeing her again.” And I […]

How Hillary Elected Donald

Now that we’ve had a little time since the Presidential election was finished, we need some keen-eyed political analyst to put things in perspective, but since there is no such person who matches that description, I think I’ll take a shot at it. First of all, in the matter of full discloser, I have been […]

Want to write for this page and not get paid?

Anyone who would  like to contribute an article, poem, or photograph to this site, please contact me at larrysorensen61@yahoo.com    If I don’t like it, I won’t print it.  If I like it, I’ll print it with your name.  If I really like it, I’ll steal it.  If you write to me with a criticism, I’ll […]