I’m so damn happy I could shit sunshine and burp rainbows. The flower pedals smile as I walk passed and the grass bends toward me. The Sun beams but only at me and the trees bow down as I pass by. Black cats scatter when I’m in sight, and the crazy Pit Bull licks my […]


At one with his chair it an outgrowth of him or perhaps he of it. Wispish white hair in all directions, a chubby Robert Frost listening intently to the radio of distant news and call-in shows and baseball games. Kansas City before they were Oakland inept, impotent always losing him so faithful. Rocking gently drinking […]


The caterpillar died to make way for the butterfly, and nobody noticed save the two of them Two speeding lights pass on asphalt seas neither nodding, nor noticing. Time has this way of pressing on with the only reality the images of the past. A thought perceived is a memory the present is now the […]

“Foolish Man”

  What fools these men who dream these simple worldly dreams, hedonistic heathens for whom no heaven bodes nor peace-safe place on earth. Let the visions, like the minds of angels find flight in the folly of your mind; let pure thoughts run where degenerate thoughts unwind. Find the time.   Find the time. We whirl […]

“Earth and Wind”

A thousand years, I’ve been resilient, strong against all things. Hard shelled, stable steadied by the sun unaltered by the moon. I am the earth; you are the wind. A creature of whimsy – you. Flitting here and there as whatever force moves you. You roar about me but cannot hurt me, yet whisper gently […]

Siouxland Speaks – the Presidential Election

I’ve been putting this off, but it’s time for me to write about the Presidential election.  Not to change anybody’s mind, but for my own therapy. Now I know my blog is called Siouxland Speaks, but there’s no way I can pretend to speak for Siouxland, other than to say it’s probably pretty closely split. […]

“Siouxland Speaks”

Yup, “Siouxland Speaks” is the new title of my web site.  I chose this because I now live in Sioux City, so I’ll have a lot to whine and complain about Siouxland. I don’t feel guilty about speaking for Siouxland because I’ve lived in N.W. Iowa most of my life.   Also one of the weathermen […]

“Dreamer of Dreams”

Dreamer of dreams prophet of fools, following life and all of its rules. They laid down the dancing feet for him to follow and he did, from his cradle to his grave. Disco, polka, line dancing, he could do it all (following the feet) And paint……damn. Match those colors with the numbers and in no […]

“Jesus Got a Puppy Today”

Jesus got a puppy today my little dog Sam passed away a companion to the end and maybe my best friend but Jesus got a puppy today I feel kinda bad for being this sad when so many friends suffer in despair but I can’t help what I feel cuz the pain is just too […]


Yancy lived, Yancy died, few knew Yancy’s name I always thought that God would cry when Yancy passed away But the sun still shines, birds still sing, people laugh and play   Time moves on day by day though Yancy’s gone away