“Dad Red”

Sculpted rough and craggy, this man of the florid red granite, by a roaring, raging river. Features carved harsh and deep by his youth too soon gone. Man of machines, working steel to steel, night and day straining,. sweating, swearing to stretch a living, Children too soon gone. Somewhere then, an artist’s brush like sandpaper, […]


It awakens slowly creeping over the horizon seeing into perception Then fighting, clawing forward to free itself from the shell. the battle looms large as the chasm it crosses becomes wider with the obstacle and task it faces. It struggles valiantly but submits to the reality and dies. The ego, having smugly defeated it, continues […]


Night chases day into night again a whirlwind the dog chases its tail because it likes to I chase too, life in circles cast a rock into a pond for ripples in a circle little waves chase little waves Earth on its axis spins; everything rides along.

“Broken Glass”

In it creeps, slowly and cautiously peering here and there as if to test the waters.   Slowly, through the thickness of winter, it moves, bringing with it cloudless days and slowly greening leaves. Suddenly, with Robins, it leaps with life and love into everywhere. Spring sings her song and along go we to newness, […]


I cry through the laughter, laugh through the pain; so out of step – an unrhymed refrain. Searching for something that cannot be found; blowing a trumpet without any sound. An optimist, dreamer, realist, fool, an unsharpened knife, and unworking tool. The sun shines today, but it won’t shine for me. It won’t shine at […]

“Bitter Birth”

  In the prison of my mind a bitter battle rages about the things I am and the things I ought to be. Through every waking moment this woeful war goes on. No matter who the winner is, I know it can’t be me. Wish I were a simple man; my mind a bit less […]

“Beserk Lady”

she went berserk in the bookstore screaming invectives at the managers as they tried to extinguish the flame of her passion before it spread to the others her face was red with heat, her arms jerked helplessly and stiffly at her sides as she raged against it all fire and passion have little hope against […]

“Being There”

Middle aged men see lies in their mirrors, while whispers of truth fall on deaf ears.   Seeking forever to stay where they are hoping to freeze Time’s moving hour.   So quickly they’ve passed to where they are now, that time’s speedy journey will soon disallow,   all the hopes that they had of […]


Bats flitter about sunset eating the bugs that would bite me, yet bats bother me more than all the mosquitoes in Minnesota. Tell me they’re harmless but all my fears are no less real than the bats that swoop at sunset.