“Live Life Backwards”

On a brisk October night with the moon near full, Life kissed me after many years; all I felt was chapped lips and bitter breath. Is life the everchanging or am I – maybe both. There was a time when emotion tugged daily at my sleeve. I smelled liliac bushes in the morning and fresh […]

“Life’s Hard Sometimes”

Life’s hard sometimes. I’m an optimist.  I always see the glass as half full, and I think that good will overcome evil, and that my team can make a fourth quarter comeback in spite of having to go with their third team quarterback.  I’m old, bald, and overweight and I still think I’ll get the […]


We climbed the tar papered huts that were joined together like railway cars, and scampered across the curved roofs from one side to the other of the stockyards on moonlit summer nights in our small town. Laying, looking at the lazy stars, plotting destinies far beyond the edge of all we knew. On Cooper’s vacant […]

“Kismet and Karma”

Kismet and Karma those twins of fate; are the fickle part of God’s plan. I believe in them. I don’t know your last name, nor where you live or work nor will I search you out, but I believe in Kismet and Karma. I think a confluence of forces will bring us together I think […]

“Journals of Students”

Yeah, I graded them. I read all the writing, the pain, anguish hopes dreams jokes fears The emotions and feelings screamed from the page and I ……….. I simply counted all the damn lines and graded them like some heartless shark who has to eat and has no mind of mercy. But I feel it. […]

“Jewel at Night”

sitting home alone late at night listening to Jewel sing of a hole in her heart and things bitter and sweet. It’s just life, isn’t it? A sad song sung by a beautiful voice by a beautiful woman. Sad lyrics, uplifting tune contradiction and irony abound If I listen closely I feel her loss; If […]

“Jennifer and things”

I love spring days and funny plays and music blaring t-shirt tearing. I love autumn trees summer breeze food and drink a clean kitchen sink. I love a friendly smile a push button dial a smooth running car a bright, falling star. Mostly though I love a noisy talk a quiet walk my guitar playing […]


A small, thin thing of smiles and flashing eyes, gingerbread houses rainbowed skies. She springs from sleep each day anew with video visions of remarkable hue; with unclouded skies and unbroken dreams a fairy tale life, or so it would seem. But time will steal on and take what it can, an unnoticed thief pillaging […]


It’s the laugh that gives her away bursting through that serious persona crinkling the steely-eyed stare. There’s something sensual in it, that melts that cold, calm look much like Pompeii looked at Vesuvius before it erupted hot, molten lava while they shrieked their surprise. I bask in its warmth and rub the cold from my […]

“Iowa Winter”

A thousand stick follicles reach to icy skies from white frozen ground, shuddering from the wind and the bitter, cold breath of frost. Whiteness stretches from closest ground, sprawls across fields of dark stumps up into the white hazy sky. The short days clock runs slowly across the face of winter. The puffing furnaces blow […]