“Cook tips for idiots”

  It’s been said that most of the great chefs in the world are men, and I suspect that is probably true.  While I’m not one of those phony French guys in the tall hats who uses the word cuisine all the time, I think I’m pretty good at cranking out some good old-fashioned down […]

“15th Round”

Forty eyes of blue and brown, and other assorted colors, come to spar each hour with the lack of what I know. Bored, excited smart and dull; they always come with bright Star Wars notebooks and strange shaped pens, anxious to jot down some note of wisdom, or failing that, to doodle Freudian images to […]


Dark, rain seeded clouds hung heavily with moisture over the distant line of earth.   Shifting winds of cooler breeze blew toward the just finished craft. He saw the gathering storm across the broad bow of the boat, although he knew it was there.   He was twice ready for the storm. The rains came […]

“Start Again”

never an end start after start nothing left behind like the green leaf of the plant long after the flower’s bloomed.   so start again pack the bags never quite empty find the trail nothing like you left it last   the geraniums bloomed near the sand then by the pond they’ll bloom again somewhere […]

“Darker Nights”

some nights are darker than others. this is one. not just the sad and lonely who are friends that visit often and often are welcome nor the feeling of invisible that old people feel when nobody sees us but each other.   I’ve felt rejection as often as rain. I’ve seen dislike maybe even hate, […]

“Soldiers of Stone”

  Soldiers of stone stand silent, alone; long, cold ranks guarding the ground where the new cut flowers lay; neither marching or moving, no wartime ways, Just statues of stone.   Epitaph  medals on their cold hard chests, moving memorials by those left behind.\ Chiseled cement uniforms made dull by dreary days in ranks swelled […]

“Soft, Night Songs”

what is it of late nights soft songs sadly singing regrets of things not done;   tomorrows of steps sideways if not back. waiting for the exhilaration of dawn and day     where the sun even on cloudy days paints some ridiculous thoughts of hope that tonight you’ll sleep suddenly, soundly with only the […]

“Me and Sam”

Me and my little dog, Sam, slip, slide on the winter walks; two mutts living day to day on scraps and occasional treats.   He’s neutered; I’m old enough I might as well be. We’ve both been abused but don’t talk about it much because what’s been is done.   He doesn’t trust easy but […]

“So, So Sad”

I’d rather be mad cause it’s easier to be mad than sad.   You can do things with mad. punch a wall, kick the dog not rational things, but still you can do things.   But sad’s like being caught in the rain where you can’t do a thing but get wet   Unless you’re […]


Arise sweet spring to kill the desolation of winter’s doom, with your flower’s bloom and sweet fresh rain.   Fill the clouded skies with blue; paint the brown earth green, return the birds and let them sing of victory’s song to life again.   I’m so long dead, and so need new; please lift the […]