Sam greets me at the kitchen door bouncing up and down like a dog who got into the coffee can. He bounds outside and over his shoulder says with his eyes “How was your date?” answer, “Really good.”  He glances up from duty and asks with a look “Are you seeing her again.” And I […]

“Night Thoughts”

If it were never night would I still feel this way feeling feelings that seldom see the light of day. Remembering remembering all I don’t want to remember  loving loves I should forget: thought I had. alone  alone with the clock ticking and the dog licking his paws with no care other than that itch. […]

“New Woman”

first date out to eat watched a movie she in her chair me on the couch. Said goodnight at a distance. Came home let out the dog walked with him onto the grass.  Full moon illuminated the shadows of the night, cast shadows on my thoughts.  Even the dog gets a pat on the head, […]

“New Love”

Who was she that darted through my life that night, and just stayed? Who darted that night, and stayed through my just life. She was who darted through my night and stayed that life…….just.  Who was she who stole what friggin little sense I had by dancing closely through December into a bitter sweet new […]

“Mini Dog”

My old fat black and white dog can scarcely jump, but tries repeatedly to catch my attention in this manner.  Failing that, she craps on the carpet which immediately catches my eye if not my nose.  Outside she goes where she loves to be (for short bursts of time.)  Wish we had a trap door […]

“MIddle Age”

The empty chairs with outstretched arms wait for someone to receive and no one comes.  The futility of their wait is of no consequence to them for what have they to do.  And like them we all wait and only find token reception, short bursts and superficial greetings to our waiting arms.  We are too […]


Scorched by the fire, whose friendly face masked flames that scarred and burned twice, three, four times. Searching back again for the warmth ‘til finally cold seemed less a burden than heat. She slipped on the cold, iron mask tightly over her face, and heart and stood apart, distant from the fire. Unfeeling, but unscathed. […]

Life’s Hard Sometimes

Life’s hard sometimes. I’m an optimist. I always see the glass as half full, and I think that good will overcome evil, and that my team can make a fourth quarter comeback in spite of having to go with their third team quarterback. I’m old, bald, and overweight and I still think I’ll get the […]

How Hillary Elected Donald

Now that we’ve had a little time since the Presidential election was finished, we need some keen-eyed political analyst to put things in perspective, but since there is no such person who matches that description, I think I’ll take a shot at it. First of all, in the matter of full discloser, I have been […]